We know that our sockettes will live up to the highest standards for the most protection possible from multiple mishaps, such as; preventing stains within the shoe, reduce the amount of odour produced by the foot, keeping the feet from slipping and protecting the feett from blisters.   

Built for comfort, made with style

 The strap on the back of the heel provides exceptional  comfort and prevents blisters. Slippys is a completely original design, manufactured to have the maximum comfort of a sockette but also provides a form of fashion. Slippys does not  comporomise the style for comfort. Instead it accentuates the new presentation of a fashion sock.  

The Slippy Partnership

Our business is a strong partnership between my daughter and I. We both share the same dedication with the business. We want to have Slippys available for women and we want to reshape the sockette industry to provide a well manufactured and high quality sockette that works. Slippys has now been a business for over 3 years. The amount of effort that my daughter and I have been investing in our business as well as our patent has taken us farther than what we have ever imagined and has exceeded what we thought were limits. The achievement and goals that we have reached so far within these 3 years of existence has been astonishing. Together we are determined and dedicated. This is what makes our partnership unique and our company beautiful. 

Our company Slippys is unique and trendy because of what we have to offer to the fashion industry. Our clean, edgy and stylish sockette for women has been tested and supported. We hope each person that wears Slippys can feel inspired and confident as the way we did discovering and creating this new product. With each step it has been a truly remarkable experience establishing our sockette brand. We hope to grow as a company with the support and feedback of our customers and to continue expanding and developing new content to introduce to the Slippys family. It's better  to walk life comfortably. 

Our Vision

Our Slippys Satisfaction

Cynthia Wills


Bailey Boyd

Co-Owner, Founder

Company Representatives